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All the hair fashion cuts this season

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This year's new haircuts, proposed by hairdressers, are getting shorter and bolder: spring-summer is billed as a semester that wants to proclaim a fashion that aims to give the image of an independent woman, jaunty, but at the same time sensual and with new additions, scaled locks and bright colors that illuminate the complexion and face. There is no shortage of variations of long cuts to suit the tastes of the most romantic women: the waves rest light on the lengths: it artfully recreates a bon ton and understated style. The new haircuts that are chosen, by industry experts, as fashionable looks are trendy and glamorous: the lines are asymmetrical and young. Sobriety is the master and the opportunity to play with the versatility of haircuts kicks off a natural and simple style. Short hair no longer becomes something unmanageable, shapes that are lost just come out of the hairdresser of trust, but cuts that can be kept in order even at home, while remaining chic and feminine. The messy effect never fails is reconfirmed winning and of great visual impact: the short cuts are honored with a style that undoes within a proposal that hides a vein of practicality and elegance simple and young. The locks rest light on each other, the scales are noticeable and the volume is visible on the sides of the face that appears framed by the soft hair descending along the temples. There are also proposals, from hairdressers for the most rigorous: the cuts are paraded, with strands of hair that pose light and offer a cleaner and more elegant view of the short cuts. The long haircuts are romantic and reminiscent of the 60s: the lengths are voluminous and sublimated by light waves, a side line allows you to keep your forehead open and have a more rigorous and easy to handle fold. The colors used are two and antipodes: the blond wheat, sublimated by ton sur ton reflections and the bright brown; both rest lightly on both long and short cuts, illuminating and enhancing them.

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